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Signature List The Third Camp Against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism
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The Third Camp Against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism

Signatories 550 + Initial 34 = 584
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500Jeff Wilcox Agreed, one is as bad as the other.

The peoples of the world have no quarrel but these regimes fight in our name. As soon as we all realize this there will be world inity and peace.
Chaing Mai-Thailand
499Judith Corrales, Nm-USA
498Siyavash Teh-Iran
497Patrick Kahl Es lebe die Weltrevolution.Darmstadt-Germany
496Erik Pino Von Friedenthal Kpd/mlKrefeld-Germany
495Claus Petersen MlpdDüsseldorf-Germany
494Silvia Pedemonte Sanchez Partido Comunista Del EcuadorDüsseldorf-Germany
493Guerra Roja Krefeld-Germany
492Herbert Rolofs Krefeld-Germany
491Marcus Walter Düsseldorf-Germany
490Omid Teh-Iran
489Henk Ter Steege Hoogeveen-Netherlands
488Christian Hadorn Free Workers Union [fau] BernAgainst war and oppression, let's develop the international workers self-organization!Bern-Switzerland
487Uli Vsanden No Organisation -Munich-Germany
486Johanna Grabow Hamburg-Germany
485David J. Kunz Seattle-USA
484روزبه اسماعيلي WpiKoeln-Germany
483Anna Bristol-UK
482Chenyang Li London-UK
481Detlev Hartmann Berlin-Germany
480Cristina Beteringhe Groningen-Netherlands
479Pirjo Aalto-setälä Solna-Sweden
478Carlos Perelman Santa Barbara-USA
477Beyrle Sabine Bad Waldsee-Germany
476Jamshid London-UK
475Nikoli Von Strasser Humber College, Canadian Armed Forces, National Bolshevik Party Of Russia, Aryan Guard, Natioal Socialist Party Of Canada, National Socialist Movement, Heritage Front, Nationalist Party Of Canada, Action Party Of CanadaMississauga-Canada
474Fahim Missisuaga-Canada
473Helen Tabari Islamic regim must end at once or else human race is in danger all together.New York-USA
472Uli Munich-Germany
471Christoph Mühlichen Wipfratal-Germany
470Carsten Edel Gbs56370 Berndroth-Germany
469Joshua F. Leach Writer, Student, Member Of Amnesty International And International Humanist And Ethical UnionSarasota-USA
468Sammy Bandari kanaleh jadi kolan ghateh vah man tasviri nemibinam lotafan dar soorateh emkan bah email man tamas begirid : sammy_bandari_yahoo.comLondon-UK
467Philip W Michaelson IndividualI came across your pamphlet 'Third Camp - neither US nor Islamic Terrorism' quite by chance. Had no previous idea of your existence, having been for years frustrated by unilateralism.The third way clearly has implications that transcend the Iranian/US sitLondon-UK
466Giovanna Tappi è ora che la buana volontà trionfi,ela pace e la serenità per tuttiRavenna-Italy
465Mohammad Madad Donc d'après vous les deux seuls responsables des problèmes de la planète sont L'Amérique et Les musulmans ?
Pouvez vous alors m'expliquer deux choses ?
Qui détient les armes de destructions massives et qui en a fait l'usage ?
Enfin qu'est c
464Francesca Nessuno se non voi stessi potrete mai attuare quello che auspicate: ne' ISLAM ne' prepotenza USA
463ئاری ****-Norway
462Hassan Niedernhausen-Germany
461Louis Berger DkpBurghausen-Germany
460Nathan Goodman Woodbury-USA
459Robert Balke Münster-Germany
458Paul Lenart IwwReno, Nv-USA
457کیوان رضوی نیا جوانان کمونیست ایرانجمهوري اسلامي بايد از جامعه جهاني طرد شودStockholm-Sweden
456Maisam Tehrn-Iran
455Emanuel Waltz Bremen-Germany
454Mazdak Mashad-Iran
453Imra Nazeer New York-USA
452Saber Rahimi NitoOslo-Norway
451بهروز مهرآبادی Göteborg-Sweden
Total 584 = Initial 34 + 550
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